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The dogs and I are avid park visitors. Join us as we document our wanderings, mostly in northern California. We visit all jurisdictions -- United States National Parks, State Parks, County, Regional and City Parks -- we love open spaces!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sonoma County Regional Parks: Maxwell Farms (Boyes Hot Springs)

There are wildflowers in bloom at Maxwell Farms, but what's really amazing are the blackberries.  They're so thick they're threatening to cover some of the trails.  This is good news if you plan to bring a bucket in the next few weeks, bad news if you're part of the park staff trying to eradicate the overgrowth.

The meadow is quite dry.  Areas along the trails bordering the meadow have been plowed to reduce the potential fire danger.  But the creek is clear and inviting and waders are often seen there.

Maxwell Farms is a great place to bring a picnic - packed from home or purchased from nearby shops.